Listening Politely

​This week I wanted to know more about how conversations work but I didn't want to go and ask another straight up question about the actual conversation, I wanted to ask about the people in the actual conversation.  This week I wanted to ask about how to listen politely.

This week I was able to go and talk to my old spanish teacher, Maestra Sandra, again since we both had an opening during this past week.


- ¿Cuales son algunos formas de escuchar cortésmente?

- ¿Hay algunos cosas que no son cortés cuando alguien le esta hablando?

- ¿Es difícil a escuchar cortésmente o es facil escuchar cortesmente?

I learned a few different things during this interview, one would be that it really doesn't seem to be that hard to listen politely unless you're in some kind of cramped space that doesn't allow you to move around.  Also I learned that it takes your whole body to fully engage the other person, nodding your head, responding, looking at the person, and quite obviously listening to them.

You can find examples of how to listen politely at the beginning of this page.
Interview #2