Literary Lens Benchmark

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Cindy Chen (Student 2018)
Cindy Chen

This video was really entertaining. I like how you added not just the song but some acting which really made this video a lot more enjoyable. Also the analysis of this song was a great choice since it is a song many know.

Kaamil Jones (Student 2018)
Kaamil Jones

I thought this video was really funny. The analysis was on point. I think you did a great job with filming and the roles that you had, thanks for keeping my interest.

Siani Davis (Student 2018)
Siani Davis

I loved this video a lot. It was extremely entertaining and the small skit you guys did was great. The analysis on the music video I thought was a great thing to analyze because it is a song we all know, so it was interesting to see your perspective on it.

Olivia Cooper (Student 2018)
Olivia Cooper

I really liked this video and the comedic reenactments you made. I never thought of this song through the marxist lens before. This video really surprised me on that note.