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 The status of the Curfew law in Philadelphia is it has been passed by city council, so I would say it was a good year. It is a good year because it passed on October 27th 2011. 14 out of 15 elected officials indicated support of the curfew law.  The curfew law is not a simple issue to get an agreement between citizens of that city. For example if you go up to 10 different people you would most likely hear different viewpoints from all of them on how they feel about the issue.  People who are against this law are were graduate students, activists, a former, public school teacher, and several frequent government critics, including MOVE member Pan Africa and Wali Rahman, an independent candidate for mayor who identified himself as part of the Black is Back Coalition. Despite these individuals being against it the curfew law was passed.

The stakeholders in the curfew law are average citizens, parents, teens, and city council themselves. The curfew law can affect these individuals in a lot of different ways. For example how curfew can affect the average citizen is that they are worried whether their environment is safe to go out for a walk. They do not want to be worried to leave the own house.  Curfew laws affect the parents because it would reflect on the way parents raise their kids whether they could be trusted or not.  Curfew affects teens because it tells them what time they have to be in and certain teens choose to disobey the rules and ruin it for the teens that don’t have anything to do with things.  The curfew law affects city council because they have to keep up on the teens behavior when they have much important issues to work upon instead of worrying about how teens act and behavior this shouldn’t be their responsibility.

Since there are no allies or decision makers to move the main focus is keeping the curfew law from being revisited and city council changing their minds about what they have now.  The main purpose is to decrease the amount of people getting in trouble with this law.

No one is working on this currently since this law has passed on October27th.  Since this law has been passed there would be no reason to coordinate.  The only thing you would have to do is to follow upon the story and if any issues come up they can be addressed if something occurs, then you can coordinate with someone.

A person that I can influence is the mayor  http://www.phila.gov/mayor/and City Council.   http://www.phila.gov/citycouncil/CouncilMembers.htmlThese are the two major people that are the most important to be influenced because you do not want them to go back and revisit making them change their mind about what is currently out there now.

As of now there is no time frame. There are no time frames because the law has passed October 27th 2011. If there was something that occurs you can address the issue in that time period.

As of now there are no key dates meetings, committee hearing, deadlines etc.  None of this is happening because the curfew law passed on October 27th. If something was to occur you could always address that issue when it happens then you can have a meeting or hearing about it.

Resources: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=8364662

here is a video to check out on this page as well 

People should watch this video because it would help parents make sure their child is safe before sending them out and them getting involved what it happening. (in website please check out)





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Michael Nutter51308