Lobbying:Continuous inflation of College Tuition

College fees are on a continuing rise. Each year, or mid-year, tuition increases are making it difficult for families to pay for their children's education. As a result some have no choice but to leave their colleges or  knowingly burry themselves in debt. Only to come out of college to pay off loans in an already damaged economy. Universities' aren't getting enough State financial support and are in turn charging more,cutting enrollment, and letting go os staff and teachers. If this stays the same only a small percentage of students will be able to afford graduating college.         
    In today's society it is difficult to be successful in life without a college education. The world needs educated people to continue to function. Without them there will be a shortage of phycisians,lawyers,teachers, and most of all students. Unless changes are made to the educational financial state that colleges are in , there will be a serious drop in qualified individuals to take certain roles in society.
    College students across the country have started to protest against these institutions that continue to raise tuition each year. Regrettably there haven't been many changes to help universities with the ever pressing issue. Eductions needs to be moved up on our nations list of priorities. Starting with a new budget for school districts and Universities all over the country. Students should be able to have a choice to  receive a form of higher learning or not. However, if nothing changes in the nations outlook on education then that option will be taken away for many.