Lobbying against Fracking

    ​I am lobbying against hydraulic fracturing, which is a big issue especially in Northern Pennsylvania.
Essentially Hydro-Fracturing (fracking) is a way to harvest some of the earth's natural gasses.
The way that they do it is by shooting water and chemicals at high veolcity into the earth's shale
to fracture the rocks and then they harvest what they can. 
    The problem is, it essentially ruins the
water supply of the people whom live in those areas.I want to lobby against fracking because this is
something that is very bad for the earth and the people on it. Fracking isn't an issue that people in
places like Philadelphia or any urban city environment have to really worry about, because we have a different type of water supply. 
    The main supporters of my lobbying case would probably be all of those people whom live in these areas where there is an abundance of Fracking happening. They are the ones whom are really suffering and they would love to stop their water from igniting. 
    The only people whomwould really be against my lobbying case would be the big oil companies and the people in governmentthat support the oil company and their abuse on the people of the rural areas this is happening.
Just recently those companies tried to bring fracking to Philadelphia, however they were shut down. If
fracking can be denied in Philadelphia, it should be denied in thos erural unknown places too.