Lobbying Assignment 5

Blog Post 5:

I think that Brianna and I did a pretty good job on every aspect and step of this process besides communication. I think that if we had had more time we could have gave that area a little more attention. I felt as though this was an important part of the process that we didn’t do extremely well. If we were given time to add on, we would probably go back and maybe contact different offices in different areas to see if our response would have gotten better or worse. I also think that showing up to an office in person and being able to speak to someone face to face would have been more effective. We could have communicated our ideas better rather than forcing the opinions of the welfare representatives and perhaps it would have made the conversation a little more easygoing and comfortable for both of us. We should have communicated our ideas of making the welfare system more efficient better and in doing so I think we would have gotten a better outcome