Lobbying Blog Post 4

Dear Mayor Nutter http://www.phila.gov/mayor and City Council, http://www.phila.gov/citycouncil/
As a Teen I’ve read different commentary on how the curfew law should be stricter. I support what has been done, however there should be other methods then public speaking. For example other methods that can be used are advertisement campaigns, and public service announcements these other methods could more effectively target everyone and hopefully reduce what is going on.  These other methods will include images and videos of teens harming and injuring innocent people.  After watching these videos this would make teens realize that they should not be doing what they are doing and become a better person latter on in life. It could also help them understand why the curfew in place.

Link to Video:

Some teens may still disobey the rules no matter what is said to them. Some of them may feel that this law is unfair and have a no care attitude and that they would do anything that they want to do in life. The curfew law needs to be more enforced then what it is now since some teens are still getting out of hand. However with the changes in the law things have improved.  It is unfortunate because people who don’t commit the crimes are also being affected. The curfew law can affect an average citizen, parents, teens, and City Council. For example how curfew can affect the average citizen is that they are worried whether their environment is safe to go out for a walk. The curfew law affects city council because they have to keep up on the teen’s behavior and if the curfew law is working when they have much important issues to work.  The curfew law can affect parents because it reflects on the way they raised their kids and whether they can be trusted or not.  This also affects the amount of effort the parents must make to make sure they kids follow the rules. The main purpose is to decrease the opportunity for people to do things that would get them in trouble and hopefully reduce crime.