Lobbying number five

I am lobbying Global Warming. I want the state of Pennsylvania to do something toward Global Warming. As of right now the state of Pennsylvania have no real big supporters to help stop or slow down the process of Global Warming. Global Warming can possibly cause our children’s children to really be in trouble.
Maybe some of the ideas that have  already been presented to help Global warming should be put to the test to help out the ozone. I feel as though if the city of Pennsylvania does something, because of its influence on the United States, that other people would follow and we could possible help out our future children. One of our main supporters are the STATOIL company.
I've looked up my areas legislators which are Vincent Hughes and Anthony H. Williams and I haven't heard or saw anything recent about them stressing the importants of clean energy or a decrease in burning of fossil fuels. Anthony Williams is apart of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee but hasn't spoke out about using less factorial methods of creating energy.

Barbara Adams is another Pennsylvania supporter of stopping global warming. She was under the governorship of Ed Rendell.

I think a good place for me right now is to find away to come in contact with some of our representatives and talk to them about how passionate I am about helping the situation. If they can hear a high school kids concern on the situation it might do some good.