Lobbying Post #2 : Curtis Jones


​    I live in philadelphia county's  4th district and I am represented by Councilman Curtis Jones.Councilman Jones graduated from Overbook high school then attending the University of Pennsylvania's Fels School of Government and Boston University. Councilman Jones has been apart of the city government for the past seven mayoral administrations. He serves on many different committees and councils in philadelphia and is very keen on it's the preservation. Promoting community development and educational stability.
    When concerning education in philadelphia Coucilman Jones voted in favor of not cutting the philadephia school districts budget. Saying "As I have stated from the very beginning of this school budget crisis, we will either pay now with the proper investment in public education or we will pay later by funding prisons and parole officers." As said before Jones is very adamant about philadelphia's youth, community development, and education. It does not seem as thought college students and the recent increase in tuition cost around the state are a major concern for Jones at the moment.
    As far as commonalities between Coucilman Jones and myself go, there are some. For example , we have both attended schools within the philadelphia school district and lived in some of the same areas and we both want Philadelphia to thrive. Now Jones is the representative for my current location within philadelphia.

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