Lobbying Post #3: College Tuition

This is a bad year for the relationship between college students and the government. Students are frustrated with the constant  increase of tuition prices. It has reached a piont where they feel as if the only way to change their predicament , or at least get a more immediate attention to it, is to protest. This usually leads to violence or arrest for students students, which is good for no one. So far there has been little news about anything changing in favor of the students.

For private institutions trustee board members are the people who carry the authority when it comes to tuition increases. However, for state colleges if little funding is given from the government, increases are inevitable. To change anything, I believe, the support of state officials are needed, they would most likely be them most accessible  To attempt to try and plead the the U.S. Department of Education to fight for education to be seen as more of a priority.Students around the country are protesting the constant rising of their tuition prices.

I believe to make any type of change college students must really look to who is in what  office in their local areas, more specifically who is their state representative. Students should come together and try and contact their representative to get this issue addresses and to ask what should they be doing to really change their predicament besides protesting or just dropping out. Hopefully by doing this there will be more done about this within the next year or so. If not college may be too far out of reach financially, for many high school students in America.