Lobbying Post #3 - Curfews/Flashmobs

The past two years, Philadelphia has been trying to get a curfew law in place for minors. There have been several attempts, but none seemed to work. Within the past month, the City Council has come up with a new curfew law.  Because of the recent flashmobs that have been taking place throughout the city, placing this law has been a necessity to the city. There has been a curfew set in Philadelphia since 1955, but no ones seemed to follow it and officials never seemed to enforce it. Mayor Nutter wanted to place a law, and no one seemed to disagree with him. However, the issue was brought up that if children were out late because of after school activities, or other important reasons, this may becomes a problem if they are hassled for being out. Some city council members even stated that this may even increase the amount of police harassment towards minors. 

Most of the residents in the city agree with the law because of what they're seeing and hearing in the media. When watching the news, you hear about the flashmobs that have taken place and the violence happening throughout the city. People believe that if the kids are off the streets, less and less of these things would be happening. This is Mayor Nutter's approach to the situation. 

Because the law is passed and currently passed, the city can only currently just wait and see what happens. If the people in Philadelphia do not see a change even with this law in place, they can go to the city council or write the mayor himself about the law and see what else can be done. This law is in place for 4 years, and is to be slightly lessened during the summertime.