Lobbying Post #4 - Curfews/Flashmobs

​As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, Philadelphia has had a problem with flashmobs and the solution the city has come up with is setting a curfew for those under the age of 18. City council has recently come up with a new curfew law for the city which fines those who don't obey. I've had many thoughts and feelings about this law because it effects me directly because I am a minor. I don't agree with the law that has been made. The law not only effects the teens who don't listen to the curfew but always the parents of those minors. 

Curtis Jones Jr., is my representative for my district. He voted upon the new curfew law for the city. Because we have two different opinions on what needs to be done, I thought it would be a good idea to contact him and let him know how I feel. Writing a letter seemed to be the easiest way to contact my representative, so I did just that. In my letter, I talked about how millions of dollars are going to be spent for more policemen to be on duty to enforce the new law. I also questioned whether or not they believe this law will be enforced properly and if not, what do they plan on doing? I expressed how punishing parents isn't fair nor is it the best thing to do and not every minor who is out during the those restricted hours are out to start trouble. 

I believe that contacting your representative when you don't agree with something that's going on in the city is the best way to handle the situation. Your representative is there to represent you, so you are entitled to give them our opinion.