Lobbying Post 5- Overview

 I've been working solo this project and trying to get in touch with Anthony Hardy Williams 8th District Representative,  and trying to get people aware of the situation.
 As you should know by now I want to get a group together to influence neighborhood cleanups, specifically urban neighborhoods.  I wanted to start a group within SLA that expanded to a much larger crown with the help of the senator, It was to be something bigger than your average optional Saturday block sweep. My main concern has been to have our urban streets clean like we have them clean in Downtown Philadelphia and Independence Hall. I haven't heard anything back from the senator but I also know these things take time and he is a very busy person.

For this blog post it is really just an update on the current status of things. Basically I am just waiting on a go from the Senator or at least some support on his part. It wouldn't be a problem to start straight out of school, i just want the support of the senator.