Lobbying Topic : Flash Mobs

Living in Philadelphia, you've probably heard of this thing called Flash Mobs. Flash mobs have been a problem in Philadelphia for at least two years now. People who have been engaged in flash mobs are teenagers and young adults. Many of times, the result has led to violence. 

On March 20th 2010, a
flash mob occurred on South St. South St is a typical place for young adults to go out and have fun on the weekends. However, that saturday night, almost 2,000 people gathered together. There was an incident where shots were fired, and people were jumped. It took a lot of work for the policemen to break everyone apart and enstill safety. This was not the only time that flash mob has occurred in Philadelphia. There have been times where flash mobs have happened in different parts of the city. 

In order to prevent flash mobs from happening, Mayor Nutter himself has spoken with young african american males and curfews have been set for all teenagers that live in the city. Something needs to be done in Philadelphia. It is easy for teenagers to get together via facebook, twitter. Curfews isn't just enough to stop flash mobs. More clubs need to be made for teenagers to join and stay off of the streets.