Logan Quarter Three Art Show

 For the first project we were suppose do adult coloring. I chose pictures that I found interesting and fun to color. In my photo's I tried to keep the color light and not overpower the picture with harsh colors. My favorite is the flower in the middle because I like the mix of colors and how the colors look together.  
My next photo is my self-portrait done with paint. I don't really like this picture, I think that I made some mistakes and the paint was very hard to work with on such a small piece of paper. I tried to recreate a simple picture of myself so I tried my best to copy this picture by choosing the paint that would best represent my clothes in the picture. 
My next picture is a shaded picture of a ball. I tried my best to have different shading colors, having some parts of the picture to be lighter than others . I also wanted to give my picture a little angle so I tried to shade a small table to make it look like the light was coming from a certain angle.  
For my basic shapes I wanted the shapes to be evident in the picture but I also wanted the picture to involve something that I, which is mario video games, so I choose one of the smaller characters in the game. In this picture this I tried to have as many shapes as possibly could but I also wanted the shapes to be rounded so it would look identical to the character. 
Lastly for animal shape I created a puppy. I drew a puppy because I tried to draw on earlier in the year but I had some difficulty. So for this quarter I wanted to challenge myself with drawing a puppy. The hardest part was drawing the ears on the puppy, so I may try and  draw another puppy to see if I could improve on it even more.