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Good Morning classmates:

There are many reasons why I choose this saying. It was because a smile brighten everyones day. Even when your have a terrible one someone smiles at you can make you smile.So I wanted everyone to smile instead of frowning. I created this slide the way I did because of the color contrast, the empty space, to make it visually eye catching and  the font is large. I choose the colors yellow,blue and purple because the purple would make the blue and yellow standout and the yellow because most smiley faces are yellow so I made that the color of the word smile and blue is the word frowning because blue is associated with a sad emotion. I made my pics and font so big so everything could be seen. Also I separated the pics from the font so there would be space left and everything was jumbled or grouped together. So I hope I have brightened your day with a smile.

Thank You for listening

Logan Mags Slide

Logan Smith Mags Slide Reflection Jan. 8 ,2014

I have learned many things in our class even if Ms.Hull set us up to fail. The first thing I learned is sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. For example in my slide I made everything huge to stand out when I didn’t have to. If I had made some things smaller and and elaborated on my quote it would have been better.So that is along with that I made a few more changes. I changed my background from purple to yellow so that yellow could still be incorporated also it was a better color for my picture and writing to stand out from. I also learned more about spacing and noticed that my spacing was all wrong so I changed it so  that everything about my space so that it was space on the ends of my slide and centered everything. I also changed the color of my font because yellow was a not good color for the words, I changed it so that the other colors were in there. I also change how it was white behind my font and changed the color of the blue because it wasn’t close to the color blue in my frowning face. I changed my font to something more simple and classy. Those were my changes to my slide.

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Dominique Ballinger (Student 2017)
Dominique Ballinger

Overall I feel that you slide is very vibrant and pretty. Something that I noticed you could do better was change the lettering because it is somewhat hard to read. Also you could make the quote that you have to be a little bigger. But overall I think you should keep the color because it contrast really well.

Teylor Ellerbe (Student 2017)
Teylor Ellerbe

I notice that you changed your background from purple to yellow to maybe make the pictures stand out more.I believe the pictures you choose are very eye catching as well. I wonder what made you change the background and add more words than what you already had.What if you change the yellow to a color that would make your words stand more and what if you get rid of the paragraph and just keep Smile Dont Frown