Lone Survivor Of The Mood And Tone

 In “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. The main specialty is the mood and tone which make this book stand out.   The “Lone Survivor” book makes a reader get into so many emotions like being on a rollercoaster with every possible mood. The tone of the “Lone Survivor” makes the reader feel that you're ready to flip to the next page, yet you want read over the page you just read one more time; just to double check you didn’t miss anything. This all causes a reader to love a book. The lone survivor makes the reader go through so many emotions in just seconds; one second the reader is cheering, the next second the reader is crying. These emotions get to the reader by going through the mood and tone.  The mood and tone of the “Lone Survivor” is all shown in a way that most books are not; the “Lone Survivor” tells the story by telling quotes of what has been said or done already like a memoir. The “Lone Survivor” is about a survival story that has already been experienced by it’s author; he is just telling you his experience in the best way possible.  

“Lone Survivor” is about a group of 4 navy seals on a mission to kill a captain torrist. Along the way they find more trouble than thought. I am focusing on the tone and mood and how it effects on the reader.  Marcus is the main character and author; he tell us about the mission in a first person sense making so many points of the mood and tone more dramatic. The author's tone is the author's attitude towards what he is saying; making the reader’s mood get set up. The mood of the reader is not only the part of the emotion the reader’s feel; but it is the atmosphere and the vibe that the reader feels.  

The mood and tone of this book makes it so different compared to other books. The reader may be waiting for a sad scene and when it comes it turns out to be something to smile about.  “ Even his goddamned teeth were black. You look like shit man! Fix yourself up! Mikey laughs. I notice that he had been shot on the way down blood pouring out of his stomach. “ This quote shows how the book sets the mood in a way that makes the reader want to read more to see what will happen next. The tone at this point of the book makes the reader see Marcus’s attitude while it is a quote of what he said a while in battle. This makes someone eager to find out what will happen next, will they survive together, or will one bleed to death?  

“Danny, Danny, for Christ’s sake, get that fucking thing working.. Marcus no option now, buddy kill em all.“ This quote makes you run faster to see what will happen next. Over and over this happens in the book making the reader fall in love with the book; because it is making the reader to flip to the next page. The tone shows how they are caught in some type of trouble but are still laughing about it.  “BIG GLOOM (remember, this a series of events)  As if it weren’t bad enough, now it gets worse.  They are surrounded again, shot at, Danny is captured and killed.  They are all wrecked and none of their phones work.” This a quote from Pat Verducci a regular book blogger. Pat V. also shows how he believes that Marcus Luttrell once again is laughing in a serious moment. Marcus gives the reader a sense that makes most readers feel like, it’s ok as long as we are laughing and cracking our jokes everything will be fine. The reader loves that because you know there is a problem but you don’t have to worry about but you still want know how it will be resolved and when; making the reader jump over to the page.

“The story told by Marcus is written in a very conversational tone. It’s almost like you’re sitting in a bar with him as he recounts what happened to him and his buddies. I didn’t even realize that he had a co-author until I read the acknowledgments. That’s how well his voice is carried throughout the book. He’ll tell a story about how an insurgent beat him and then end it by calling the insurgent “a little prick.” He uses some other colorful adjectives to describe them as well.” This is a review by everything nonfiction which is an online book blogger. Which also shows the Marcus tells us his story in such a way to get the reader so interested like the reader is talking to their best friend. The more an author writes in a conversational tone the more the story gets real to the reader. Just like “there is a lot of self deprecating humor.”

Marcus makes the reader run with him throughout the book. He gives us such a tone that makes us want to know more, which also creates our mood. “Tumbling over, feet in the air, sometimes digging the toes of my boots in, fighting for a foothold, any hold would be fine. I rockted straight past that lower pool and kept going, I can’t even imagine how fast I was going, but I could see it was hell of a long way to the bottom, and I could not stop.” Our mood at the moment that we create in our minds by reading what the author gives us; makes us look at the tone and our setting the most. The tone given to the reader in this quote is Marcus is in danger making the reader come to the edge of our seats and making the reader’s eyes go faster and faster over the page. Marcus shows his every effort in the book of him doing his best to survive making the reader more concerned mood.  “You’d have needed a chain saw to pry me off that cliff face. All I knew was, if I fell, I’d probably plummet several hundred feet to my death. Which was good for the concentration.”

Marcus’s tone is like a friendly conversation with your friend. Making his book to come and reach out to the readers. Giving off the mood of being happy, excited, sad, and wanting to know more and more. With Marcus's chatty tone and attitude the mood of the reader will only to think whatever Marcus tells the reader making the reader turn to the next page to the end of the book and love the book in the end.  The “Lone Survivor” is a great way of reading and going through a reading experience. Marcus uses such a great tone and mood that so hard to find but that just makes the reading experience even better for the reader.


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