Long Nu Nhan's Capstone

This specific project is based on my experience with the industry world and wanting to pursue more of it as I get older. I had 10 weeks worth of modeling training for those who were interested in modeling or get a little taste of how it works. I might not be the most experienced model out there, but thanks to my mentor, my modeling skills will grow more and more. My mission was to train those who wants to learn about modeling and how it works. The students were modeling clothes from upcoming fashionistas and along the way, they had the opportunity to meet models from New York, models from the Philly Fashion Show, and many more! The male models were wearing Sinclair Whiteman's clothing line which is called P.B.I. As for the girls, they were modeling for Lollipop Boutique. Throughout the 10 weeks worth of bootcamp, students were training in every different aspect and then they were put to the test. In that way, they get to see where they stand and what they need to do for future improvements. At the end of those weeks, I had a fashion show.

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