Lord of The Flies - Isabella Torres

Isabella Torres

Ms. Pahomov

English 2

24 March 2019

Unity Within a Community

The difference of opinions are everywhere and there will be disagreements with every topic. Sometimes, they can be talked over and solved, but other times these opinions can escalate to new levels. In the novel, The Lord of The Flies written by William Golding, a group of young british boys crash on an island and they divide between two groups. One was civilized and they followed moral rules, while the other group was savage and did murderous things, the group as a whole was not on the same page. The separation of a unity of people will cause havoc for everyone involved.

When the boys first started to set up camp, only Ralph and Simon were making their huts on the beach and they felt like the only ones who were responsible. Everyone else was having fun and playing games and no one was helping out Simon and Ralph build huts. Ralph exclaimed to Simon, “‘The older ones aren’t much better. D’you see? All day I’ve been working with Simon. No one else. They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing.”” (50). From the beginning of the novel, the boys were disagreeing and they were not all there to help one another out. Ralph was voted chief of all the boys and Jack, the other candidate, didn’t agree with Ralph being leader. At this point in the book, all the boys are still together but Jack and his choir boys separated themselves from Ralph’s small party. Slowly but surely, tensions between Jack’s group and Ralph’s group began to grow. Jack and his group were more focused on having fun rather than being practical and help build shelters with Ralph. They had different agendas on what they planned to do on the island. when there is opposition within the group of boys, the bonds start to break and issue start to form.

The Founding Fathers of the US government had some disagreements with how the government ran and who had the most power overall. Some of the founders wanted congress to have the most power while others preferred if the other central branches had more power.  On umbc.edu, they say “A debate thus ensued, between the Federalist side, led by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, and the Anti Federalists, led by Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry, over exactly how much power and authority to give Congress and the other central branches of the new government.” They did not know how to make their decision. Soon after, the small disagreement the Founding Fathers came up with a solution that they agreed on, which resulted in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. To this day, the American government is still run on this agreement made 200 years ago. Some disagreements work out for the best, while some result for the worse. Unfortunately, within the novel, the clashing of different ideas did not result in the well being of everyone on the island. Disagreements are very common and can either end peacefully or can end with even more bickering.

Towards the end of their time on the island, Jack decided to split himself from the main group because he disagreed with Ralph’s priorities. Ralph was not focused on killing another pig while that was the only thing Jack cared about. Jack said, “I’m going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too” (127). Jack was focused on killing the beast the boys claimed to see the night before on the mountains. Jack wanted to officially kill the beast so the boys could be safe and have nothing to worry about. Jack did not want to negotiate with Ralph and try to help the whole group out. Instead, Jack wanted to focus on himself and his goal to kill the pig.

In 1787, the founding fathers were deciding who would have the most power within the US government. Scholastic.com says the first ever political groups in America,Hamilton and other leaders who wanted a strong central government banded together to put over their policies…. they began calling themselves the Federalists. This was the first United States political party… Anti-Federalists gathered … members of Jefferson's group called themselves Democratic-Republicans.” Some experts say that these extreme parties are not helping anyone and leave the entire country in a grip. Thehill.com says, “ Each side is more extreme, and each bases their political agenda on demonizing the other side” and the boys on the island do the same thing. Jack is reluctant to try and meet in the middle with Ralph, which turns Jack to go extremely savage and further from being civilized. Both of their situations would have ended drastically if things were different.

Splitting into separate idea groups can interfere with the unity of the whole community. Just as Jack went to the extremes of being in the wild, the political parties become extreme opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes groups don’t always hold and not everyone has the same goal in the end. They either pull through and have a common ground, or they fall apart and all humanity is lost.

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