Lord Of The Flies Book Review and Movie Teaser

Serge Mass

The book “Lord Of The Flies” by William Golding is by far one of the best books I have read in a while. Its it in the top 100 books in the American Library Association’s top read books. William Golding is a Noble Prize winner which is an extraordinary thing. Lord Of The Flies is his first book, but rated by far the best by numerous sources. There was a movie made, but I have not watched it and I am hoping to over the next few days.

The story is mainly about a bunch of kids stranded on an island. Now you’re thinking right now, “hey it’s going to end up like every other story ”, but you are wrong. The main characters are Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Rodger, Sam, and Eric. The group gets divided early on into the story. Ralph and Piggy are on one side and the rest on the other. They become crazy about a conch shell. The conch was the only way to communicate throughout the island and being that; it was essential to have. Later into the story the shell gets destroyed. From there on the story opens out to a huge fiasco. Blood is in the water and tears are shed.......

This book has some great ideas and lessons to learn. The most important one is do not burn bridges. Burning bridges means when you have had enough, you snap and go off on someone and when you come back for something because you need help; they don’t help you. In the book, the same kind of thing happens. It a helpful lesson to use in life when changing jobs because everyone is connected and some how knows each other. 

I can in a way relate to the story, but my situation wasn’t as serious of course. When I was in 4th grade I went to an Ice Hockey and Ice Skating camp and we had an over-night lock-in. Which means we sleep in the Ice rink over night. It was a ton of fun and we played ultimate man hunt/capture the flag on and off ice. We were playing for who gets first dibs on the pizza. It was the best game I have ever played.

In my opinion I think this is the best book I have ever written. The way the author builds the suspense in the book is very creative. Through out the book, the author sprinkles in a little bit of action here and there. At the end of the book it is very thrilling and leaves you thinking what will happen next. Then is ends very abruptly. That is the only thing I don’t like. I think it should of finished with more of a defined ending.

I would recommend this book to anyone that like thrilling books. It has a great mix of action and adventure. It a great easy read and more of a teen/adult book. It has a great undefined genre so anyone could like it. I walked into the book thinking it would be bad, but it turned out to be the best book I have read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a thriller of a book.