Lord Of The Flies Essay

Williams Paredes

Ms. Pahovom

English 2

25, March 2019

Fear is something that everyone has, but it's not always rational. People often hear things that influence their mindset, causing them to overthink and make their fear stronger than it was in the first place. In Golding's novel, the idea of a mythical ´beast’ instilled fear into the boys of the island. They used the idea the beast to entertain themselves. Fear is something that everyone inevitably feels, but In ´Lord of the Flies´ they chose to have it.

Cops are known for pulling over people at traffic stops, and they would give the people tickets or they wouldn't, but in this case, there were no tickets envoy. The cops were reportedly trying to figure out if the passenger had a restraining order against the driver of the vehicle. The passenger that was 61 years old, named Paul Askins, would give his name or date of birth to the police officers and this made the cops worry and he was asked to step out of the vehicle. “This is how he engaged us," said the police officers. Paul Askins pulled out a pistol and fired at the cops, this caused the cops to fire back as they fear for their lives. As you can see this quote is telling us that the cops had a clear view of what was happening and with the fear of death the cops step back and fired as soon as they could. The cops weren't injured but the fear of death was what made them act as quick as possible, Paul askins was injured but he did survive.

As the kids were planning the kill the beast, their was feared in their eyes because they didn’t know what they were going up against and this made them feel weak. They had to bring hope to everyone in the island so that they  had a chance to live. To bring hope they started to say ‘’Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!’’(152). This quote is trying to show that the kids are trying to show that they are no longer scared of the beast. This is what brings hope to the kids in the island and to show that they have a chance to kill the beast and that they have hope to live for years to come without a problem. When Simon finds out the beast was not real, he tries to worn the rest of the kids, but when he got to the kids they thought he was the beast and that got him killed. The kids were scared and didn't even think because the fear took controller over them, so they acted as fast as they could.

In both of the book and real life example you can see that there is fear when the believe something is real and when they see someone pull out a weapon. They have fear no matter what but they choose to have it at this time, which made them over think over and over on what to do, this shows that they didn’t want to have fear they choose to have it so that they can be saved. In the Lord of the files, the kids thought they found a beast and they were thinking of what could it be and this is what Ralph said. ‘’But that’s littluns talk. We’ll get that straight. So the last part, the bit we can talk about, is kind of deciding on the fear’’(82).  When the old man got out of the truck this is what the cops started saying. ‘’ Get down, Get down’’. This show that that the kids had to show fear to overcome what that fear was and that is what made them stronger and what to keep that fear alway. When the cops said to get down they were trying to show that they can be save and to not try something stupid that will get them killed.

Towards the end of the book, Rock, Ralph, and piggy ventured into jack’s territory protesting that it wasn’t right for them to take piggy’s glasses. While they demand them to give it back, jack didn’t care and said no, and gets called a thief and reacted violently. Jack swung his spear at Ralph, but not in a menacing manner. In the quote, ‘’By common consent, they were using the spears as sabers now, no longer daring the lethal point’’ (177).  This is to use that they have power over people and that the kids should have fear for them because they have the weapon. They really don’t want to hurt one another, but the fear of losing power and scared of someone can cause them to fight.

In conclusion, The lord of the flies  tells us what fear is like if you were alone with kids and no adults. Lord  of the flies shows us that fear can bring power to kid, and they can’t do anything but just to go with it before it’s to late.  Lord of the flies show that kids need to learn to not be scared and to face your fears because if you don’t that can get you killed. Fear is something that people would never love to have because there are problems that come with it, but you have to choose it because fear can save you from all the problems that can come your way. Fear is something that everyone inevitably feels, but In ´Lord of the Flies´ they chose to have it.

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