Loren Jenkins 2013 Capstone

​Loren Jenkins
SLA first offical Pep squad
(Dance and Step)
Mentor: Jasmine Taborn
Advisor: Zoe Siswick

As a founder, coach, and choreographer of SLA’s first Pep Squad, I can gladly say it was all worth it. I have been working on this team for my capstone, and own interest purposes. It’s been 2 years working on this club, and I have gained many exposure such as responsibility and patience. In order to be successful in an time consuming club you also learn how to manage time with school work and your personal life. These were just a few skills that I can for sure say better me to help me mature as a young women. 

During these two years of conducting pep squad we have became very successful. Both years were full of excitement with shows and contest. Especially, this year 2013 with the step team  and SLA first ever step show which happened to be more than a great success.  I have been preparing for this time for awhile, and the prepping was all worth it. Practices were held on Monday and Thursday or every day if we had a show coming up. They usually last for 2 hours. 

As a reflection to this I have created a strong sisterhood between each member and each member has created a sisterhood with each other. I was proud to see the eagerness, and the maturity developed that helped among all of us. I was glad to have brought girls from all ages, and grades from SLA to participate together in a positive youthful cub. I am thankful for all of my supporters, and mentors who were able to guide me while I was riding this road. I am excited to see what I have left here at SLA to become when I am gone.


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