Los Fotos: Chen

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Jhazzelle Majarucon (Student 2018)
Jhazzelle Majarucon

I understood her saying that she and her family went to six flags and it was her second time going there. She said it was fun.

I liked her pictures and her background music.

I suggest her to make sure that the conjugations are right.

Israh Mohammed (Student 2018)
Israh Mohammed

I understood that you went to Six Flag’s with your family, and it was your second time there. You had a fun time. I liked the pictures you included in your video, it helped create the image in my mind. I suggest that you watch out your pronunciation also, to remember to conjugate ser/ir in the preterite tense correctly.

Paul-Ann Whyte (Student 2018)
Paul-Ann Whyte

I understood that your first picture was of your family. There were fireworks there. Your next picture had your sister, brother and mother. Your next picture was of a teddy bear. You got it for your birthday? I liked how you went through each picture and explained who everyone was and what was going on. I suggest you pronounce your words a little more clearly. I didn’t understand much.

Menduyarka Dennis (Student 2018)
Menduyarka Dennis

I understood that you and your family of brothers, sisters, and cousins went to Six Flags in the first story, and that you were bored since there weren't that many people I like how the audio was very nice and clean. I could hear everything that you said, and I really enjoyed it I suggest that you try and work on the pronunciation, because I know you have some troubles with “fui”and “fue”. Good job on everything else though