Los Meses de Año + La Fecha - months and dates

This is ment for some who is trying to figure out there friends birthday. 
Below is the chart is a chart to teach you all the Months in a year and the dates. 

 English- My birthday is June 24 
 Spanish- Mi cumpleaños es junio de veinte y cuatro 

Chart of months: found at http://www.montessoriforeveryone.com/Spanish-Days-Months-and-Seasons-_p_291.html
Chart of dates: http://jmelendezsla.blogspot.com/2010/10/months-and-dates-in-spanish.html
*Please note 
31 is Treint y uno
Below is a video on how two friends ask each other when there birthday is so they will  know when they should get them a a present. 

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.26.58 PM
Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 12.26.58 PM
​*Sorry for the inconvenience of the delayed audio