Louisa Strohm Capstone

For my capstone project I created a short series of videos about the college process. Working alongside Ms. Hirschfield, I chose three topics for three separate videos that she thought could be beneficial to future senior classes of SLA. Some of the guidelines we set for the videos were that they had to be short enough to keep people’s attention, but long enough to give a good amount of information. It was also important to me that I would be able to give the future seniors advice about the college process from the perspective of a current senior. The topics of the three videos I made are: using Naviance College SuperMatch, Applying for financial aid in college, and answering frequently asked questions about the college process. The process for making these videos was pretty consistent throughout. I first researched the topic of the video, and then used that information to form a script for each video. I then filmed and edited the videos and the final step was polishing them and uploading the videos to my YouTube channel. I am very proud of the final results of my project. I think that I was able to create something that can be used to help guide future seniors through the very stressful process of applying to college.

Here is the link to a document with the links to all three videos: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b_AKSCrVqBB3VWEs1LbUsAXiP5-hL54psoHbFt8EOvM/edit?usp=sharing

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