Love, Blood, Sweat, and Tears! Domestic Violence #1

Me & The World


Loving someone and being in a relationship can be dangerous. You can have heart ache, infidelity, and financial issues. Many problems can occur, but the biggest danger in a relationship is Domestic violence. I’m super interested in Domestic violence because Domestic violence is an issue, and many people look over it and don’t care for the problem.

Domestic violence can harm you physically and mentally, it can harm you so bad, that you stay in the relationship. Some people get addicted and get attached to the violence. Domestic violence can come from any sex, male or female. Domestic violence is used to control your spouse or lover, to dominate the relationship. The abuser likes to play mind tricks, and get you really scared. They threaten you, break things, super hostile, and very aggressive.

I don’t understand how you can you love someone, that harms you physically and emotionally. That hits you and insults you, damage your feelings and make you insecure. Someone that makes you bleed your own blood, and taste your own tears. How come so many women and men stay in the relationship? The abuser is the coward not the person being abused because they need to harm someone to make them feel big about their self.

The scariest part of it all, is that people die from domestic violence. People lose loved ones, they have heart attacks, internally bleeding, stress level to high, and more. Also, the partner kills them, if they feel they are losing power in the relationship. Where is the number and statistics, not many?