Love, Blood, Sweat, and Tears! Domestic Violence #2

Me & The World

In the last blog I gave the basic information about domestic violence. I gave a summary about the types of domestic which are emotional violence, physical violence, and sexual violence. Domestic abuse is an epidemic in communities, cities, states, countries, and the world.  One of the most un reported crimes in the world. Change sure will come, but this blog is about the numbers and statistics.

One in every four women will experience domestic violence on any type of level in her life times. 1 of every 30 men will experience domestic violence in his lifetime. 85% of the victims are usually women. 1 of every 6 women will be raped, and 1 of every 33 men will be raped. More women get sexually and physically abused, than men do. Most people get raped by their own partner or lover.

Domestic violence is serious and is an eye opener. Even though women are usually the main victims, gentlemen please be aware you can also be a victim.  Domestic violence can end your life, give you emotional trauma, and harm you severely. You should go get help, not only is your partner or lover harming you but your harming yourself by staying. Domestic violence can be anywhere and sometimes people don’t even know when their partners are harming them emotionally. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS FAR FROM A GAME!