Love at First Blink

Kara Lazorko

Ms. Pahomov

English 3

May 1st, 2017

Love at First Blink

Beauty products are purchased by both women and men. From products such as makeup or skincare products, companies produce what their consumers are interested in. The category of makeup has become a career for a lot of youtubers and makeup artist. Kylie Jenner is known for her promoting of mink eyelashes and her lip kits all over Snapchat. Over the past couple of years eyelashes have become more and more popular in the makeup world. Eyelash companies have expanded growth of business, due to the increased popularity of extensions and glue ons used by celebrities and beauty gurus.

Firstly, eyelashes were not a very popular tool when it came to beauty. In 1911, Anna Taylor invented eyelash extensions. It wasn't until an actress named Seena Owen had to have her eyelashes a certain way, and the looked could not be achieved for her film without eyelash extensions. Since makeup has become such a big thing for so many people, faux eyelashes have blown up. According to Business Insider, “They don't come cheap however. a full set of eyelash extensions at Akai’s salon starts at $250 if done by an advanced specialist. The base price for a master specialist who applies the same set is $450 (Brianna Arps).” Consumers pockets are emptied for the trend of longer and fuller looking lashes. With all the potential side effects of lash installations, it lowers the amount of consumers due to the fact that the job has to be the best quality possible.

Consequently, spending hundreds on lash extensions every month has it's downsides to it. The eyes are a very sensitive part of the face, and having products constantly on them irritates them. The cheaper the lashes that are being applied, the worse the symptoms can be. If the lashes are being installed by an artist who is inexperienced, the eyes can be highly claims “Just like you wouldn't let an inexperienced waxed near your bikini line, you shouldn't let an inexperienced lash-pro near your eyeballs (Zoe Weiner).” Otherwise, it is just money wasted on a job that was not achieved. The more amount of money spent, the better the quality for the application. “ Cheap services tend to use cheap products, which can serious damage to the skin around your eyes (Zoe Weiner).”

Furthermore, there are other options besides getting extensions professionally done for $200-$300. Drug stores and make up stores sell the eyelash extensions that you glue on above your eyelid. There are tons of brands offered and application glue that fits to the consumer’s preferences. The difference between the ones already packaged and ready for application and the ones that are professionally put on is that the ones that are professionally done do not have to be reapplied after one wear. Unlike the ones sold, they can remain applied up until it's time for them to be replaced. Only one is cheaper and has to be redone after each wear, and the expensive way to go last longer.

Overall, lashes have become a huge thing for beauty gurus and celebrities with large social platforms. There are multiple ways to have them installed. While on the other note, there are many cautions that can be taken when deciding on who to get them done by and how they are done. Consumers such as makeup artist have a giant influence on the sales for the different brands and stylist for lashes. For something that started for a feature for a film had turned into everyday wear and trend.

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