Love is Love: Part 3

​So this will be my final blog entry in this three part series of my view on gay marriage. In this blog i will basically show my point of view on why i feel as though gay marriage should be allowed in all 50 states and why it shouldn't be frowned upon.

To me , love is love. No matter what gender or race. If you love someone , there shouldn't be a barrier to hold to you back. For many years , people have always been so worried about little problems that can be solved instead of looking and trying to fix the real problems like the wars. But no. The worlds so worried about judging others to focus on major problems that need to be fixed. That disgust me.

Also, the world is so judgmental. Everyone makes it seem like they're perfect. When they are no where near it. No one is perfect, so who are we as human beings to tell someone they should be in love with someone of the same sex? We should not be able to hold two lovers back just because of their gender. This is like how african americans didn't have rights. They had to fight against society just for them to get their freedom. Which is basically how this is now. 

I just wish that people would let others live their live as they please. We were all created equal and nothing or anyone should make people feel less of what they really are or put them down because of who they are as a person. I fight for this and i believe in equal rights because this is an injustice which needs to be solved. We as a world need to come together as one and learn to let others live their lives as they please because we are only given one.