Love Is Love .

Gay marriage has often been a major topic of discussion for a long period of time. Same sex marriage is restricted in multiple states and countries for the most part. Homophobia was passed down from generation to generation which now makes most of teens my age view homosexuality as a bad thing.


The issue I have chosen for a connection between the world and I is gay marriage. I have always been interested in not only this topic, but also the topic of gay rights in general. Mainly because I have am for gay marriage and equal rights. I feel as though everyone should have freedom and be with whom we please. Why must people of the same gender who are in love have to hide it because society isn’t ready to see it?


I have searched for many websites that have information on same sex marriages, and I have learned about proposition 8. Proposition 8 or the California Marriage Protection Act, was passed in November of 2008, legalizes gay marriage in California.  Something that I wonder is why religion is a major factor of same sex marriage and why the government plays a major part. I hope that maybe , just maybe , the world will realize that love is love and who are we to judge when no one is perfect.