Luna's Math Help

When students search for math help on google, they can only search by the topic they want help with. Content varies widely, and students have to waste time trying to find types of content that work for the way they learn best. For my capstone, I wanted to design a website that would make this process easier. At first, I considered making content myself, or crowd-sourcing the creation of new content – all organized by learning style as well as by topic. I realized, however, that I could be far more effective by organizing the math help content that already exists online. I designed the site and learned how to write code so that I could build the site. I began the process of indexing content from a variety of math help websites, such as Khan Academy and Purplemath. Although I do not have a polished and fully functional website to turn in for my capstone, I will continue to work on the site over the summer and possibly the next few years. I believe that my capstone could turn into a useful and popular site for any and all math students.

Take a look at the site here!