M&M Podcast Episode 1: "Pah, The Devil!"


Episode Title: “Pah, the Devil!” Co-hosts: Lily Bromley, Elena Smith and Antonia Solar

The Master and Margarita is a novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, about the Devil and his demon friends travelling to Moscow to wreak havoc on the citizens by exposing their sins. We go over the set up and the main characters that have been introduced as of Book One. In this podcast episode we delved into the context behind the time period The Master and Margarita was written in, as well as the themes of the Devil, Jesus, and the nature of humanity. We also mention the different ways the author uses satire to subtly critique Stalanist Russia.

List of Evidence: Love & murder quote (138), repetition of the word Devil (175, 227, 95, 95, 188), nature of humanity (120, 124) Jesus Subplot (19, 19, 41), How Bad is the Devil? (170)