M&M Podcast Ep.2: To The Devil and Beyond!

Untitled drawing
Untitled drawing

By Antonia, Elena, and Lily

In this episode, we looked at The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov through the Marxist, feminist, and new historicist lenses. We discussed how even though the people of the book were under a communist structure, their greed is highlighted in the story. This podcast also touches on the ways witches connected to empowerment and liberation from societal restrictions. Lastly, we examined how the context of the author’s life and the critique of Stalinist Russia were reflected in sections of the novel.

List of Evidence: Marxist lens (297), feminist lens (230, 229, 291), new historicist lens (287, 292) “Manuscripts don’t burn” (287)

M&M Podcast #2