Macbeth's Road to Betrayal

English Reflection
This project was about Macbeth's process as a rising dictator and how he begins to betray everyone he was close with. This particular piece ties into my thesis of, Macbeth is a lovable character with a strong moral compass, however, in the end, he betrays everyone's trust. My scratch video is representation of this thesis.
While I was beginning to brainstorm ideas for the creative portion of the project, I was at a standstill with no good and original ideas. Morgan Caswell-Warnick was a great help though by generously offering me the idea to do a Scratch animation. I had used Scratch before so I was familiar with it but I was also well aware that it would be time consuming and very frustrating, and it was. I went through all of the acts in sequential order, giving a little bit of background information before introducing the quotes. I also tried to add music and sound effects in order to bring the video to life. Towards the end, I added a some comical bits to keep the crowd entertained and I think it worked well because all of the people who viewed it, laughed at those last parts. I did come across some obstacles such as malfunctioning sounds, words moving to quickly across the screen or too slowly and frustration with the program. With some patience and moral support, I was able to overcome these obstacles and some constructive criticism also helped. I am most proud of the patience I had during this project with all of the malfunctions and setbacks, I was able to come through it to put together a project that I am, overall, proud of. I say this because, I usually am not patient and don't worry as much about the quality of my work but I was intent to hand in a piece of quality work for this project. If I could change anything in this project, I would be more selective with the music I chose. From my peers, I learned that there are a lot of options when crafting a project and that unless you hear it explained, it could make no sense. Also that Lady Macbeth has many different personalities that can be interpreted in different ways.
As a result of this project, I learned that I can put together really good work if I put my mind to it and that I am more patient than I realize. Also, that I am pretty good at making things using Scratch.
​Here is the video with sound.