Macbeth Benchmark

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Art not without ambition, but without the illness that should attend it:

            the snake (which represents cunning) is still in the cage. This means that he is still loyal and can restrain himself from taking action

No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red:

            The snake is out of the cage and rising up to the crown. The door to the cage was opened when he killed the man who he had sworn loyalty to. From here the action only escalates. This quote is also displayed in how the paint starts off green at the bottom and slowly turns red. I chose to do this because the green represents peace and safety, but just like in the play the green is contaminated by the red (which stands for danger).

To be thus is nothing, But to be safely thus:

            The snake has almost reached the crown. At this point Macbeth reveals that he will do anything to maintain his powerful position, even if that does mean harming more than one life.

When our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors:

            The snake is now at the crown and is beginning to coil itself around it. This represents how protective he is of his power, he has gone through much bloodshed and the cunning has already taken full control at this point there is no shame in killing for his own cause. He became a traitor long ago and now feels no guilt.

Those he commands move only in command, nothing in love:

            The snake has a firm grip on the crown and is in position to attack anything that threatens him. At this point in the play Macbeth doesn’t even care about being loved and admired, he gave up on that in the very beginning. He destroyed all respect for him when he killed one who was only good to him and Macbeth knows that. Now he is prepared for battle and he will stop at nothing.

 It took a bit of plan on how I wanted to display my ideas on paper. I knew from the beginning what the basic idea was but it I had to keep adjusting it to see how to involve the quotes. In the end I set it up like a timeline. Adding the quotes confused me in the beginning because I did not want then to distract from the painting itself. I turned it into a timeline so that it was easy to see the different stages. I am proud of how I involved symbolism that displays Macbeth's conscious well. For example how the green is contaminated by red. Green representing safety and growth, red representing bloodshed and danger. If I had a chance to change it I would simply spend more time working on it because I would like to touch up certain aspects of it. Maybe even try using multiple mediums . I learned many different styles of presentation. I learned the importance of not being to concise, yet being engaging at the same time. making sure to clearly explain the connection between your project and your papers thesis is extremely important.In my presentation I felt confident in what I was saying. I was proud of my work and I believe that that showed in how I was able to explain the choices I made. Usually I am not as confident in work because I am not as enthusiastic about it. I am glad that I chose a project that interested me.

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