Macbeth Bm Creative Portion

My project was the creative portion on a quote analysis of “Macbeth”. My thesis statement was “At first Macbeth was a decent person who wouldn’t kill someone in order to be king, but once he gained power he had to kill more people in order to stay in power, his power caused him to do terrible things he was previously against.” I picked five wrote that were related to that thesis, and analyzed them. For the creative portion of the project I made a poster with the five quotes on it, and added illustrations for each of the scenes that the quotes were from. 

For making the poster I first mapped out where I was going to put everything. Then I made rough sketches of each of my drawings in pencil. I finalized them, and added the quotes. I like to draw, so the drawing part of the project was pretty easy. It did take awhile to draw illustrations for all five scenes though. I also had to research Shakespearian clothing, and decide what I wanted each of characters to look like. By doing some research, and allowing a lot of time to be put into this project, I got it done.

I am most proud of the drawings a did, because I thought that they were pretty good, and creative. I also liked my use of symbolism, by using the color red.  If I could change anything I would probably add backgrounds to each of the drawings to make it look better. I could also put my thesis statement on the board so that people would know what it is, and could see how the quotes relate to it. 

My colleagues had very creative projects. I really enjoyed seeing them . A lot of them had thesis statements that were similar to mine. It was interesting to compare their quote choices for their thesis’s to mine. 

I learned that I like to draw for projects, and that my drawings are pretty good. I also enjoy doing it, which makes the project better.