Macbeth Character Analysis

Quarter 1 BM(Macbeth Character Analysis)- We had to pick ten quotes and a main character  from the play “Macbeth” , and write what they went through and how they changed throughout the play.



Thesis: Lady Macbeth changes dramatically through out the play, her plan to kill Duncan eventually happened, which wound up haunting her throughout the play and she started to regret her decision-makings.

 In Act 1, Scene 5. Lady Macbeth got a note from her husband Macbeth.  She is reading the letter, which says that Macbeth the weird sisters saluted him and referred him to the coming on of time with Hail king that shalt be! As Lady Macbeth was reading the letter she says  “Thou mightst not lose the dues of rejoicing by being ignorant”(Act 1 Scene 5, Line 11). This reveals that Lady Macbeth is basically saying don’t lose your chance to become King.

In Act 1 Scene 5. Lady Macbeth just finds out that her husband Macbeth is on his way back home from his trip. She starts to panic because she finds out late. The King is coming so of course Lady Macbeth wants the house to look clean, and have food prepared for them. When Lady Macbeth finds out about the King and Macbeth is coming she says aloud. ”Would have informed preparation” (Act 1 Scene 5,Line 33.) This reveals that someone should of told her earlier about Macbeth coming so she could prepare for him, as in prepare she means, clean up, and might even mean to look pretty and dress up for him. If you had a husband that you loved and you didn’t see him for a while you would want to look pretty and dressed, up. At this point Lady Macbeth is thinking of a plan so Macbeth can eventually be king, she is being devious.



       In Act 1 Scene 5. When Lady Macbeth finds out that Macbeth could possibly have a chance at being king, she thinks of a plan to kill King Duncan. Obviously Lady Macbeth is a woman but she wants to become manlier and have more manly features to kill King Duncan. When Lady Macbeth was alone thinking about a plan to kill Duncan she said.

“Come to my woman’s breast and take my milk for gall” (Act 1 Scene 5, Line 46-47)

This reveals that Lady Macbeth wants to have manly features after she thought about killing Duncan. The quote pretty much says that she wants to exchange her breast for a mens chest. She wants to be tough. At this point Lady Macbeth is going to talk about her plan to kill Duncan to Macbeth. Macbeth would have to be the one to kill Duncan, because he is a man.

     In Act 1, Scene 7 of Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are in the scene when they’re planning   about killing Duncan. Macbeth is becoming unsure but Lady Macbeth is all for it.  As Lady Macbeth was talking to Macbeth she said. “What cannot you, and I perform upon”(Act 1 Scene 7, Line 70)? This reveals that, even though Lady Macbeth is woman she is not afraid to kill Duncan to get what she wants. On the other hand Macbeth is too scared, and what Lady Macbeth is trying to say in the quote is, if she can do it,  he u can do it. Lady Macbeth is more for it than Macbeth. She wants to get her way. Will her way affect anyone, like her or Macbeth?



 In Act 2, Scene 2 of Lady Macbeth. Macbeth has finished killing Duncan and comes out the room with bloody hands, which is evidence! Lady Macbeth tells him to go wash and then she goes in to the room to finish what Macbeth started. As Macbeth was panicking about killing Duncan. She said, ”A foolish thought to say a sorry sight”(Act 2 Scene 2, Line 24). This reveals that Lady Macbeth her thought of killing King Duncan was very clear in her thought, but when her thought becomes real, it’s a sorry sight, maybe this is when she starts to regret her thoughts. Even though she got her way, doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out the way she wants it to be. What about the evidence?

   In Act 2, Scene 2 .  Macbeth has just killed King Duncan. He is panicking, doesn’t know what to do so Macbeth tells him to wash that filthy witness off your hands, because if someone goes to Macbeth and see’s the blood on his hands, it’s obvious he killed Duncan. When Macbeth still had the evidence on his hands Lady Macbeth said “Go get some water and wash this filthy witness from your hand.”(Act 2 Scene 2 Lines 49-50) This reveals that Lady Macbeth doesn’t want to get caught and her too is panicking about the situation. The quote itself means that she wants Macbeth to wash the evidence (blood) of him killing King Duncan away , and by washing blood away guilt will be less.

      In Act 3, Scene 1. Macbeth holds a solemn supper, for most of the characters in the play. This supper happens recently after Duncan gets killed, and not many people know who did it. Lady Macbeth trys to act surprise and say that there has been a gap in the supper. Lady Macbeth says, ”It had been as a gap in our great feast”(Act 3 Scene 1, Line 12). This reveals that this a the time around when Macbeth killed King Duncan and Lady and Macbeth act like they have no idea what happened. In modern time the quote means that Lady Macbeth notices that there is a gap that gap would’ve been replaced with Duncan but he got murdered. Do you think that Duncan is going to haunt the person that killed him?

     In Act 3, Scene 4. It’s the day of the big supper after the Duncan was killed and now Duncan’s ghost is haunting Macbeth, which made him look crazy in front of all his guests. Lady Macbeth was trying to cover what just happened. Probably everyone is wondering what is wrong with and wants to find out the problem. As Macbeth left to get his self together Lady Macbeth said to the guest You shall offend him and extend his passion”(Act 3 Scene 4, Line 58) This reveals that Banquo is haunting Macbeth, because he murdered him, Lady Macbeth tells the guest that he is sick, to cover up what is really going on. She means in the quote that you should basically be patient to him.

     In Act  5 Scene 2 . Almost at the end of the play Lady Macbeth starts to sleep walk and, talk about the night when Macbeth killed Duncan. Starting to haunt her, she starts to repeat what she told Macbeth when he had evidence on his hands (blood). After Macbeth murders Duncan Lady Macbeth says: ”Wash your hands, put on your night gown, look not so pale”(Act 4 Scene 2, Line 61-62) this reveals that the day when Macbeth killed Duncan starts to haunt her in her sleep. The quote means to wash away the evidence until it looks like nothing ever happened tonight.




    In Act 4, Scene 2 . Lady Macbeth is still sleep walking, still talking about the situation. Maybe she will start to regret her choices, even if something goes your way don’t expect it be perfect at all times. As she was sleeping walking she said,  “ What’s done cannot be undone”. This reveals that Lady Macbeth is regretting her choice, that she only thought about her and only her self in the situation of getting what she wanted. The quote basically means that you cant have a re-do in life. 

       Lady Macbeth got her way, did it turn out the way she wanted to? No, it happened, but it turned out worse.  The thoughts of the night Macbeth and her killing Duncan turned in to nightmares. The situation haunted her, until she couldn’t stand it anymore, and killed herself…