Macbeth character analysis

In this quarter, I created a thing called "character analysis" on the amazing main character of the wonderful story/play "Macbeth". I picked the play part act by act and scene by scene and listed as well as wrote about the changes that the mighty Macbeth have gone through.

 Aidan Rios

November 2, 2010




Thesis: Macbeth starts out as a loyal and trustful friend/ warrior. But, through out the story he slowly begins to become evil and almost everyone grows in to fear and hate’s him.



Macbeth and Banquet just finish a battle and just wetness a brief moment from the witches. The witches began talking to them saying that one day Macbeth shall become king and there must be something done first in order for Macbeth to become king. With that being said, the witches begin talking about what just have happen. Then, Macbeth says, “let us speak our free hearts each to other” –act 1 scene 4 line 144 page 13- I think this is said because they don’t want to keep any secrets from each other since they are friends they should both be aware of what’s going on and should know anything that happens. So I think that’s why they say “let us speak our free hearts to each other,” stating not to keep anything from each other.


Next is that they came back from the news that the winches gave them and Macbeth began talking to lady Macbeth and at the same time, king Duncan paid a visit and they began talking. Then, king Duncan shows how grateful he is to Macbeth for winning the battle that they had, but Macbeth wants nothing in return. His loyalty and service is enough for him. The quote  “the service and the loyalty I owe in doing it pays itself your highness’ part is to receive our duties” Act 1 scene 4 lines 22 through 24 page 14- is then said. Why is that Macbeth is a great man and is just focusing on the fighting and wants nothing to be given to him for his work. He just wants the king’s loyalty and trust and that’s why I think that Macbeth says this quote…



The king and Macbeth talked for a while but then lady Macbeth grabbed his hand and they had a little conversation about the situation and then Macbeth talked to king Duncan about how his wife needed some time alone. He says “the hearing of my wife with your approach; so humbly take my leave” Act 1 scene 4 lines 47 through 48 page 15- I think that Macbeth respectfully told king Duncan that they needed to be alone so he told him the quote.


It is nighttime close to midnight and everyone is asleep in the house of Macbeth. He begins talking to him self-saying that he just want this to be over with and done. He is planning to kill king Duncan but is a bit scared to do so cause there are so many things that can happen once this is done. He says “If it were done when ‘tis done, then ‘there well it were done quickly” Act 1 scene 7 line 1 page 20- I think why Macbeth wants this to just be done with is because he can’t take the pressure of the deed anymore. He wants to just get it over with so lady Macbeth can stop nagging him to do something. Plus. He probably wants to be king and forget about this once it’s done.


They are all at a party celebrating Macbeth becoming king but Macbeth is not acting him. He is acting a bit crazy and regretful about what he has done.

Then lady Macbeth has a private conversation with him to try and finger out what’s wrong with him. Then, Lady Macbeth then says was the hope drunk when you dressed yourself?” Act 1 scene 7 lines 35 thought 36 page 22- Lady Macbeth is a bit surprise that Macbeth is acting in such a manner. She though that he would be happy and have forgetting about what he did. So she is insulting him cause she cannot believe how he is acting.



Macbeth is awake and thinking about what he is about to do. He sees a floating dagger and begins to talk to himself and tryst to grab a hold of it but cannot grab the dagger. So he begins talking out loud about the crim. The quote is “Is this a dagger, which I see before me, the handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch

I think that he is being paranoid about the crime and just want it to be done and forgotten about but just cannot stop thinking of it so he begins to think about it a lot and see things.


Macbeth comes running to lady Macbeth covered in blood and daggers in hand. Lady Macbeth gets scared as Macbeth

q is scared and covered in blood.  As they talk about the deed, lady Macbeth takes the daggers and takes them back to the scene to frame the gourds. The line is “I have done the deed. Didst you not hear the noise” (act 2 scene 2 line 14 page 27) I think why this is that Macbeth wanted lady Macbeth to know so she could stop nagging him about killing ducan. So, I think that that’s why Macbeth told his wife about what he has done.



Macbeth is now king but has become a bit of a jerk. He has so much power but he just wants more and more and more. So, a servant comes to him to tell him that he saw trees moving to the castle. But Macbeth thinks his lying and threatens him but still investigates. The quote that the servant says is “stones have been known to move and speak” ( act 3 scene 4 line 126 page 55) I think that since Macbeth is powerful he doesn’t really think nothings a threat to him so he just thinks its nothing. When the old Macbeth would have checked it out with extreme caution. Unlike the king Macbeth. Witch he really doesn’t care that much.


Macbeth and his men are at war with enemy thanes, Malcolm and Mac duff. As Macbeth kills a solder he begins to talk to him self, as he is a bit angry and upset. He has so many things going thought his mind and that’s when he just says the quote “my soul is too much charged with blood and thane already” (act 5 scene 8 lines 5 thought 6 page 95) I think that Macbeth is only focus on the battle and not the death of his wife or the danger that his men/people are in. he is filled with so much angry that he just wants to kill…



Macbeth just finishes killing a soldier and talks to himself. Then all of a sudden, Mac duff shows up behind him and tells him to turn and fight. After they fight they begin to talk about Malcolm becoming king. Macbeth then says the quote “I will not yield, to kiss the ground before young Malcolm’s feet.” (Act 5 scene 8 lines 27 through 29 page 96)I think that Macbeth rather dies then witness the crowning of Malcolm. He knows that he is going to die and Malcolm is going to be king no matter what happens. So, Macbeth just wants to fight until he can no longer fight. But he will not be alive to see Malcolm become king.