Macbeth Creative Blog

This project was the creative part of an academic quote analysis of Macbeth. I personally chose to write a song because I am a pianist and I found this an effective way to communicate the downfall of Lady Macbeth. While she was not the tragic hero in this play, she is one of Shakespeare's only strong female characters. She was power hungry and then manipulated her husband into killing people for the crown. This eventually lead to her ultimate demise as the guilt became too much for her to deal with as she fell into suicidal insanity. 

My process in the was difficult to begin with but it became easier as things went along.  It was hard to see how I should start with the music, but once I got started it was easy to tell the story without words through music. 

As always, I think the hardest part was to start and to see how this story was going to be told within music. I just played with different sounds and different musical concepts until something felt right and then I stuck with it. Things pretty much fell in place once I got that done

I am most proud of the ending to the music. I really like the way it end because its very full of tension and very dramatic and then the music is softer and then ends.  I think that really fit her insanity and ultimately her death by suicide. This was a dramatic play and I think that fits well. 

There are things I would have changes about the music. I would have made a few different choices about maybe using a higher or lower key at times. I believe music is never going to be perfect and with every composing project I do there is something I would change. My music is never going to be perfect; but that's something I really appreciate about the art form. Its a constant strive for perfection we will never reach. 

I learned that there are many many ways to show the same concept. People made art in many ways, like sculptures and someone did something dominos and the crown. I didn't think that with something so old, such as Macbeth, that it could be so relevant today and that kinds who are 14/15 could produce such creative things with it. 

I learned that I really like using music to express things; that it really is a powerful art form. I never had the chance to use music in middle school for anything academic, so coming to high school and getting to use it has really been something powerful and different. When I read Romeo and Juliet in 8th grade I swore I didn't like Shakespeare; I thought it was very formal, stuffy, and irrelevant to the world today. But getting to use it in both academic and artistic mediums has made it much more powerful and interesting.