Macbeth Creative Piece (Monologue)

I decided to write a short monologue from the point of view of lady Macbeth. Showing how she changes throughout the play and her interactions and feeling towards Macbeth. It starts with her being angry and controlling. It shows how she is angry with Macbeth for acting like such a coward when he knows he should be a man. It is how she controls him. It then shows how she begins to sort of plumet and become much more vulnerable to everything around her. Such as the immense amount of murders and deaths. The guilt eating her alive showing significantly. The process of writing this monologue was fun and frustrating. I loved trying to get deeper inside of the mind of Lady Macbeth while using the quotes and interpreting them in whatever which way was not only fun but helped me analyse the reading to a greater extent. I was frustrated with how to come up with a transition of her attitude throughout one monologue and I did that with the help of the quotes from the book. In order to craft this apart from the writing, I thought it would be more fun if visually the paper that the monologue was written on appeared older that it actually was. In order to achieve this goal, I crinkled it up and burned it in certain places. After that I had put it into the oven to make the creases appear more crisp and obvious. What I am most proud of is the way I interpret Lady Macbeth throughout this monologue I feel like I give the audience a full overview of how she was in the early stages of the killing of duncan and then how she was later on.  If I were given the opportunity to do this differently I would memorize and perform it. I had performed the monologue but it was off of paper and I feel that if it would have been memorised it would have brought more to life in that piece. From my colleagues I learned that there are many different forms of interpretation and events in the story. Many people had done things such as sculptures or videos or drawings. They had all chosen something that worked in their favor for the most part, and I found how I teach people about certain things the best which is through my writing and for others it might have been a power point or a comic.. etc. What I learned about myself is that I do wonderful work when I use all of the time I am given to the fullest, and I feel if I had exercised that more prior to posting this the project itself would be a lot better. The entire monologue reads:

“I once heard willows fall silently under the commands of men. Breaking bows and tragic cries of escaped breathe…Success is never blessed without blood.

and Macbeth will wear a crown of crimson proudly For my smile has been etched on to long in this place and If I were broad shouldered and could push down willows with my breast Oh how I ask!  "Come to my woman's breasts and take my milk for gall!!" for the back of macbeth cannot carry that of a load like an  but his knees buckle at fear of  weight so Unsex me here You murdering ministers obey me like that of a man. Hold me into war that only men can bare but I have hands of a woman and I bare no chest to command those who I see below me, and cowardly Macbeth begs for my satisfaction. "INFIRM OF PURPOSE!" Jumping out of his skin at every shadow, but "The and the dead are but as pictures. Tis the eye of childhood That fears a painted devil." Yet he shutters at the sight of blood, and now that he has grown to be king I feel empty, this skin has begun to hold hands with the bones of my soul and I am hollow. The power that has consumed him into the depths of shadows yet I still see the shallow waters of fear engraved in his face. I AM MORTAL NOW! and my heart is way too heavy.”