Macbeth Creative portion

This is going to be a project info and reflection post about the story of Macbeth. This project is a collection of journals about the creative extension about Lady Macbeth and the up rising of Lady Macbeth in the creative piece. " Lady Macbeth was in charge at the beginning but lost control at the end"

At the beginning of my process I wanted to write something about Lady Macbeth and how she could gain her power back from Macbeth. But then I realized that I had a Macbeth quote and then I had to incorporate Macbeth in this creative portion. I knew that I wanted to do journal entires for my creative portion. 

Some of the difficulties that I had from doing the project was how long I wanted each journal to be. I was writing and I wanted to make sure that I incorporated all of my quotes in the journals so what I tired to do was to put my quotes at the end of the journal entries. The way I overcame this was to give all of my information about the journals and then tie my quotes back to the information that I gave at the beginning of the journal entry. Another thing that I had difficulty doing was getting started. I had an idea and I just did not start when I should have. I ended up just writing the journal entires all at the same time. I overcame this by just writing it all out at one time. 

The thing that I am most proud of doing in this project is how different I wrote the journals. I was surprised that I had use the quotes from my benchmark in a whole different way. I built this creative portion off of my quotes and made the story around the quotes. I was also surprised on how in detail I went and made sure that the characters that I started off with were the characters that I finished the story with. 

If I was given the chance to to change something I would change the way I had Macbeth in the story. The part that I would change about Macbeth would be to make him have a dream about what was going on in his house instead of it really happening in real life. I believe that would have made the story better and would give the story a different feel to it.

The things that I learned from my colleagues were that they're so many ways to present Macbeth and they're not just one way to present Macbeth. I also learned that it is not just the way your project looks but it is the way you present it to others that makes a huge difference. 

I learned that I can write creative stories and I can incorporate quotes in my creative stories. I also learned that I could have used more pictures or some type of photo in my creative piece. I learned a lot from doing this creative piece. 

This creative writing is six pages long and has five journals in it. The title of this creative writing is "Macbeth, Lady Macbeth Returns". Macbeth signs each journal at the end with a different signature.