Macbeth Creative Project, Willie Willson, Fourth Quarter BM

In this creative assignment, we took the first quarter BM and altered it.  We changed it so that the sam underlying message was sent, but in a more creative way.  For this project, a thesis was required and then ten quotes with an analysis after each showing how Macbeth, or Lady Macbeth, evolved a a character.

Creative Project:

Thesis: Macbeth started out as an innocent person but turned into a bloody tyrant who was feared by all because of his cruelty.

I wonder what would happen if Lady Macbeth could comment on her husbands character evolution?

“Brave Macbeth” is what his brothers in war call him.  He deserves that name for he is a valiant warrior capable of wreaking great havoc among his enemy’s, with his sword stained red with bloody execution.  He has been known, also, to be a bit overdramatic and dedicated in his killing.  He likes to hang the heads of the smitten upon his battlements as a message, that all who enter Macbeth’s domain shall be killed.  But my husband is not a violent man, and he is valued as a trusted person of the king’s inner circle.  But he could do much more, he could be the king to surpass all previous.  Yet the path to such greatness would cause him to become filled with malice.

My husband is a great warrior and trusted advisee to the king!  Yet I am still unsatisfied with his grandeur.  He welcomes the fact that if chance should make him king then he would welcome it, but he is still to innocent and truthful to do the deed that is needed for him to progress through the ranks.  He will not raise a hand toward the effort of him becoming king.

He is weak!  He cannot fathom the thought of committing a foul crime against someone who nourished him.  He has illusions of daggers floating towards his hands but he cannot bring himself to plunge them into this foul king.

He has finally done it!  He plunged the dagger deep within his heart and watched as the crimson blood flowed from him.  But right now, he is distraught with depression, he cannot even say amen in prayer.  He was pushed over the edge when he killed Duncan, his mind couldn’t take the stress of it, so it has crumbled.

My husband is such a genius.  He has enough sense in him to realize that he should fear Banquo, not because of what a good warrior he is, but because of his royalty of nature.  But now “Brave” Macbeth knows how to deal with such information.  He will order Banquo’s murder, along with his son, Fleance.  Oh, my husband has turned from a loyal companion, to a person loyal only to himself.

Be innocent of the knowledge, hah he has finally begun to think for himself.  He doesn’t need my guidance anymore, he can call upon his own recourses to help fix all of our “problems”.  He is such an evil individual now that he can make decisions that are the causeway to someone’s life, or death.  With all of this power, he will spur our efforts further, so that we reach new levels of glory.

First he was wary of the witches prophecy, but now he goes to them on his own!  His heart surely has changed if he can openly go to such foul felons for advice.  But they told him some very insightful news.  He cannot be harmed by anyone who was born of woman, until the woods march up to his castle he will not be harmed, and that he should fear Macduff.  Why should he fear Macduff?  Even if he could harm him my husband is a better fighter?  Anyway, I should go rest.  Fro some oddity I have not gotten much sleep lately.

My husband might have finally crossed the line!  He ordered the murder of innocent woman and children, oh my heart is full of guilt.  I brought this upon us with my evilness.  Wait what am I saying?  “I” am not the one who declared that he would “Sieze upon the tip of my sword Macduff’s family.”  That was my husband!  Why was I questioning his actions either?  We both have committed deeds worse than this, and now he is just trying to assure to himself that the throne will stay beneath him.  Now I really have to sleep, I am awfully tired.

It is Evil!  I cannot even bring myself to look that devil in the face for fear that he might sentence me to an eternal slumber.  Yet he has done well, my mind keeps telling me, my eyes deceive my mind!  He has murdered many and now commands his vast forces through fear alone.  Many even believe that speaking his name is taboo, and will lead to their deaths.  This is what my brain tells me, and I think it might be right.  The only thing that hurts more is the fact that I pushed that snowball of hate down a hill, feeding it until it grew in size and strength, and eventually overthrew the man my husband used to be.

             I cannot go on much further.  My heart is aching, and my feet hurt from the walking that I now do at night, through my own castle while asleep.  Whenever I close my eyes, I envision my hands covered in the blood of the old king, and this blood I cannot wash off.  It shall haunt my consciousness forever.  My “husband” on the other hand, feels no such emotion.  He kills and plunders without a second thought.  He has even started treating the servants like trash and has taken to the habit of being cruel and controlling at all times.  He even thoroughly calls upon their features for ideas for insults, like “Though cream faced loon!”  He has turned into an awful man and I cannot take it anymore…… 


Macbeth as a character evolved over the course of the play.  He started out as a gracious, brave, valiant, and honest person, and ended up as a twisted, evil, and cruel villain.  This change was brought on partly because Macbeth was a lose cannon ready to blow in the beginning, but his wife helped pushed him over the edge so that he snapped.  This manipulation is sickening, and lady Macbeth rightfully went insane and died.  This change in character is a great example of how a person can become the exact opposite of what they originally where.


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