Macbeth Machinima

This is the creative extension of a Macbeth quote analysis. This is a machinima made in minecraft that shows the journey of Macbeth and how Macbeth started as a loyal subject to King Duncan, but when the weïred sisters told him he would be king, Lady Macbeth convinced him to kill Duncan and he lost himself in the murder.

To create this I had to build all of the sets and find “skins,” or costumes, that went with each character. I then had to use my screen capture software to record the different scenes and then edit them together and voice over them.

One problem I had was that I did not have screen capture software on my school laptop so I had to use my home computer and only work from there. Another problem I had was that I had finished recording about half of my scenes and I realized that the texturepack, something that changes how the game looks, was wrong. I had to re-record everything and start from scratch.

I am really happy with the way it turned out. Building the sets was fun and they looked great on camera. Minecraft is a game of blocks so some things are not easy to replicate, you have to be creative.

If I had time I would redo one, or two scenes that I think could be better. There was one where it was daytime when it was supposed to be night, and another where I was going to do a voice but forgot and had two voices for one character.

From seeing my classmates’ projects I realized that there were many ways to creatively represent our papers and that there are other things that I could have done when I did not know what to do.

​You can also view it here
Skins here