Mack Olivia, Lucid Chart, Verizon

My internet provider is Verizon Fios (ISP). My internet comes from a modem, which is a wireless modem. That is connected to a wireless router. I have wireless internet. When I use my iPod, iPad and laptop, I have wireless internet to get connected to the internet. I do get OMG moments when I learn something new and I get really excited. I learned that networks are all different. I learned that once you put something out on the internet it stays there. I learned that there is a cloud that holds and stores everything. I would tell people that you should be watch how many hours of internet you use, so you don't go over your bill. Also, when a certain internet providers have a deal make sure that you read the fine print. I would also tell people that you should be aware and make sure that your wireless or internet has a password so other people don't use your internet.