Maddie Walls Q4 bmark

my point of divergence(pod) is when stonewall Jackson was supposed to die. i rewrote it that he didn't die but instead live to help change the out come of the civil war. This change would make the confederates win their independence and separate from the union states. stone wall would have helped win the civil war by leading a charge across union territorry to washington DC. they would have worn down union troops and help end the civil war.  going into this project i decided that picking this point in history would have a huge impact on where things would go from there. Because rewriting history to have stonewall live changes so much more then the size of a country it creates a whole new country and changes the way people developed and grew the country. 

I invision that the way things are in 2012 if stonewall would have helped win the civil war would have been a lot different. first of all the united states of america wouldn't exist. there would be two separate countries one owned by the north one by the south. the civil rights union would have never happened in the south because the slaves wouldn't have been released until cost would have out weighed the need which i predict would have been in the early 1900's. people who werent white would probably be treated very poorly and many laws will be made against them. there would also me a more in state government in the south then we are used to now.

i wish i would have put more time into this project i feel like if i worked on it a little bit longer it could have been a really goo product. it was interesting thinking about how such little a change could make such a big impact. i really liked the idea of this project it really makes your brain have to think harder about a certain event. i feel like it leaves you wondering what if things had been alittle bit different what would we be like today. i feel like the most challenging part of this project was thinking about which event you could change to make the impact that you wanted