Maggie Clampet-Lundquist Capstone

After struggling to come up with an idea/topic for my capstone, I finally decided on creating a documentary about The Philadelphia Girls Choir. I have been singing with the girls choir for four years, so I decided to make a video about the choir, that I could give to the choir as a way of saying thank you. The documentary is located on Vimeo, where anyone can watch it. Creating this film allowed me to reflect on my experiences in the choir, I realized that the girls in the choir weren’t just people I sang with but they were like a second family. I filmed every Thursday and  Saturday which  are the two days  the choir practices, having to work with cameras helped me acquired many camera/video skills from putting this film together. I learned how to attach a microphone to a camera so it could record and capture the sound at the same time as well as how to take what I had recorded and transfer it onto the computer. I learned how to edit/put together a film in iMovie and camera skills in general. I plan on continuing to film the last couple month of choir experience and adding it onto my already existing video. I hope everyone enjoys the film as much as I enjoyed making it.

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I used this website because it describes the choir I’m focusing on: The Philadelphia Girls Choir. The website talks about how the choir was started and why, this will be useful in my project when explaining what the choir is about.

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I used this website because not only am I going to talk about the choir that I’m apart of I’m going to talk about choirs in philadelphia in general as well. This is one of the best known choirs besides the philadelphia Boys Choir and it does similar things as my choir and so I thought I could compare the two. This is a reliable source because it’s the choir's website.

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I’ve never made a documentary before and I'm great at working on Imovie this site walks me through the process of both of these things so it will be useful to look at when I’m editing my documentary and filming it. This is a reliable source.

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The choir that I’m in is the sister choir to the Philadelphia Boys Choir. We practice in the same building, we sing together at events, and we do things together outside of rehearsal they are a big part of my choir even though they are boys. Since the boys choir was so successful they decided to make a girls choir and that's how the Philadelphia Girls Choir was made. This is a reliable source because its their website.

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I’m not familiar with Imovie this site is a step by step tutorial video, that walks you through the process of editing and doing voice overs. This will help me because I’m making a documentary. This is a reliable source because the person who created the video used Imovie and shows you exactly what to do.

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Singing is all about the voice, there are many different techniques and forms of singing depending on where and how you sing for example an opera singer uses different techniques than a choral singer. I want to talk about some of the techniques we use because they will be shown in the video, I don’t know much about the techniques and this website will help expand my knowledge. This is a reliable source because after each technique they give a description and where you can find more information.

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When you sing you use your voice. This is my extent of knowledge on the voice, being someone who sings in a choir it important to know about the voice, your voice. This website describes how sound is produced from your voice, it breaks it down so that I’ll be able to explain it. This is a reliable source because the person that created the site knows a lot about the voice.

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Singing properly is something my choir director talks about but I never knew why, so this is one of the things I wanted to explore deeper in my project. This website talks about why singing properly is important and how to do that. This is a reliable source because this person has experience singing.

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Half of my project is a documentary and half of my project is talking about the history of church choirs because my choirs is a choir that sings a lot of spiritual songs. This website talks about why church choirs sing mainly spiritual songs when they could sing a wide range of genres. This is a reliable source because the person who wrote the website was in a church choir.

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This website is about different ways you can damage your voice. One of the ways that you can damage your voice described on the website and the most common is by singing incorrectly, by not getting enough breath or trying to sing lower or higher than you know you can.