Michal Czapla

Over the course of these past 15 years of my life, things have gone pretty well. However, in order for everything to continue being well, you have to have some strengths. Everyone is great in some aspect of life, whether it be public speaking or being great with numbers. I myself have strengths as well that allow me to be good in certain areas. In fact, I’m here to discuss three core strengths of mine!


Just like what Demi Lovato suggests, I don’t see anything wrong with expressing my thought and ideas loud and proud. To be confident in myself means to not care about how others view me based off of my actions in life. It’s one thing to tell yourself that you are a confident individual, but it’s another to prove it by contributing to discussions and Whenever I have an answer to tell in class, no matter if it’s right or wrong, I say it loud and proud. This leads to me either looking bad or great, but I know that I’ll learn something either way. Also, in conversations with people, I don’t do well with small talk, but after I get to know a person I act as myself because I’m comfortable with being myself.


Lil’ Duval and I share one thing in common: always having a smile on our face. Most people would see this as an emotion, but to be able to go out into the real world everyday facing constant challenges and tons of work, it can be hard to stay happy. In other words, I am always positive. When you have a positive outlook on life like me, you’re able to not only find the good bits in the hard times to pull through, but also giving out good vibes to the people around you. I can’t tell you how many days I want to just curl into a ball and mope in my seat. I always tell myself, though, that people are going through their own drama in life, so I make it a goal to spread some positivity that’s needed in the room.


Finally, I sit here reminiscing Rihanna’s lyrics: “Work, work, work, work, work, work…”. That ties in to my final strength: diligence. I constantly push myself to keep improving and sharpening skills because I know that if I strive for something, I will be rewarded. If I see that my Algebra grade isn’t doing well and I have Standards coming up, I’m going to make sure that I get a perfect score on those standards. There is no possibility of me failing, because I know that if I keep working on my math skills and practice, I should get rewarded by being prepared and acing the quiz. The point is, whenever I set a goal for myself and I want myself to get it done, I will make sure it does not fall through.


So, I’ve talked about my strengths and how they help me in my day-to-day life, but how do I incorporate it into my CTE life at Science Leadership Academy?

For starters, having confidence is a good attribute to have when working with a group to solve problems on a design element of a machine or circuit. In this case, I can display confidence by expressing my ideas and opinions on how we can do things in order to make something work without being embarrassed. If I didn’t have confidence, my group could possibly miss out on an idea that could actually benefit our cause. Even in my ILP, if I display confidence in meetings or presentations, my mentor(s) will definitely take me seriously. If they see that I am passionate about my ideas and say them loud and proud, they’ll also start to think “Wow. This guys must know what he’s talking about!”

By exerting positivity, I can make sure that even in a high-pressure situation, I can always make sure that my friends or colleagues are still having fun. The worst thing you could do in CTE Engineering is hate it because it takes up so much of a student’s schedule. People sometimes need a bit of motivation to do equations with Ohm’s Law, so my smile and jokes are always there for people. If my ILP mentor sees that I am not slouching or moping, wishing that I was somewhere other than JMT, they will definitely appreciate that and take a mental note of it.

Diligence is possibly the most important in this case. If I want to keep up with all of my grades without a lunch period to work on homework, I’m going to need an extra drive in me to learn Engineering. Since there is a lot of brain power needed to understand a lot of concepts in Engineering, my hard-working spirit allows me to not give up if I don’t understand what a resistor is or what current means. I simply make it a goal to work on those topics more so eventually I do get it. This ties into ILPs because my determination to finish a project will show when I present at JMT. Being a diligent worker there will improve their overall view of me. They could even see me as a potential candidate for a job there, later in life, after I graduate college.