Making A Change For Teens Like Me....

Finding information on my topic was really easy, considering this Teen Peer Pressure affects lots of teens around the world. So, overall information was one of my “Glows” of my project. However, I wish I could find full interviews with teens that have been a victim of peer pressure and discussed on how this issue changed their teen lives. I mostly found some videos with researchers on the issue talking about it and answering questions like why this issue consistently affects teens. On Teen Peer Pressure, I would like to gather more information on how to avoid it. From research I came to a conclusion that since every teen is different in their own ways, some find it easier or harder to say “no” and ignore the presence of the pressure from their peers.  

For my Original Research, I created a survey for my fellow peers to read and answer. It went well overall, which is another “Glow”, but I should of gave it more attention by alerting more of my peers that I had a survey from them to answer honestly, which I can admit was one of my “Grows.” However, I did expect the results to be what they was, which kept me on track for what I wanted to do for my Agent of Change, which the goal was to help teens with figuring out the tools to avoid the pressure and having the confidence to know you can do it. If I could do it over, I would make another survey along side of the one I made. Create another survey, but goes in deeper on real-life situations that teens have experienced.

Lastly, for my Agent of Change part, I was happy on what I accomplished and how I created awareness for this issue. Making a website/blog on real-life stories I found during my Original Research and making my own slide-show explaining what Teen Peer Pressure is and how can teens fight back against it and not have to make the mistakes many other teens made because of the pressure to want acceptance. In conclusion, yes I had the impact I hoped for because I used my knowledge from my own research on Teen Peer Pressure to tell what it was, how to avoid it, and giving out examples on my website how this issue has affected teens around the world!