Maleena's Food Project

Stir Fried Beef and Vegetable 

“It’s not that bad to have a little meat and vegetables together”


Stir Fried Beef and Vegetables 

(Can feed 8-10 people) 

- 1 Table spoon of Olive Oil 

- 1 Table spoon of chop garlic 

- 1 lb of beef 

- Salt and Pepper 

- 2 table spoon of Chicken soup base 

- 2 table spoon of light sou sauce

- 2 table spoon of sugar (just in case its a little bit salty)

- 2 table spoon of Houstin Souce 

- 1 Ib of Broccoli 

- 1 lb of String beans 

- Ib of Celery

- Ib of Green peppers or Red peppers

Any other vegetables of your choice


Break the garlic peel it , and slice them , then grind them to little pieces. 

Chop the Broccoli in half  

Chop the String beans slanted in the middle  

Chop the Celery quarter size (bite sizes) 

When chopping the green peppers and red peppers, you chop off the parts you don't eat. After chopping the parts you don't eat then you cut each peppers into four. When you cut each peppers into fours then you take each slices and cut it into bite sizes. 

When chopping the meat , you cut them into bite size  

The Cooking:

Put the Flat non-stick pan over medium heat on the stove, wait until the pan gets a little hot. Then you add 1 table spoon of Olive Oil. Add the chopped garlic at the same time you put the garlic.

As you put the garlic in, you stir it until you  the garlic has a brown color. 

While the garlic is still in the pan, you then put the ingredients in. 

Salt and Pepper 

Add 2 table spoon of Chicken soup base

Then add 2 table spoon of light sou sauce

after that then you add 2 table spoon of sugar (just in case its a little bit salty)

last you add  2 table spoon of Houstin Souce 

   While all the ingredients are in the pan you than mixed them together. Let it set for 1 min. When waiting you can clean the meat after you are done cleaning the meat you than put it into the pan together with the other stuff. When the meat are in the pan you than stir everything together. Since the meat is beef it would only take about 5 min to cook. Let it sit there. As you are waiting for the meat to cook you start to clean all of your vegetables and set them out till it is ready to be put in with the meat. After you see that the meat is close to finish you put in all the vegetables in with the meat into the pan. While you are cooking it together you would want to cook the vegetables nice and soft. So you stir it for 15-20 mins. After 15-20 mins your meal is cooked and its ready to be served. 


The Tradition: 

  This meal is like a tradition to my family. A lot of asian cultures are well known to this meal. It is very popular but made in so many different ways. Some people use different ingredients and put different amounts  But these are the ingredients that my grandma use and how she thought me to make it. The ingredients that i learned i believe was passed from my grandmothers mother. We really don’t know the history of it but all we know is that it is traditional made the way it is. Since a lot of Asian culture make this food made in so many different ways. Many different kind of ingredients and many different types of meat and etc. 

 Cost of Vegetables 

- 1 Ib of Broccoli $2.00

- 1 Ib of String beans $2.00

- Ib of Celery $1.99

  • Ib of Green peppers or Red peppers $4.00 

(The rest of the ingredients i already had them at home.) 

Personal Reflection:

  Threw out this course i have learned a lot about the different types of ways of healthy eating. Before doing this project i used to eat every min. I really didn’t care how i was eating until this course. It started to make me think about my health a lot. Not only that i have gained so much weight during birth and after birth because of the way i eat. After this course i start to think about everything. Now that i am on a diet it is really difficult to lose the weight because after the birth i was in a habit of eating the same amount of food during my pregnancy nine month ago. I believe after my pregnancy if i was on a diet than i believe i would be at the shape and size i want to be. But doing this benchmarks have thought me a lot about what can happen when you become obese and etc. Ever since i learned about that i thought about the ways of how i was eating and thinking about it i can really get there and be that size. So now that i am on a diet i would watch what i eat , the amount of what i eat, and the kinds of stuff i eat. Now i believe i am on the right track and my eating habits are slowing down. I can say that this course has thought me a lot and showed me a lot of what can happen if i eat the way i eat.