Maleena Mel (My Drawling)

The main point of this project was to to learn how make virtical lines, and dealing with the orthagonal lines. And also finding the vanishing points.
As we start this project, we started off by drawling the vanishing point. We had to draw lines to find and match our vanishing point. We also had to lable each side, Top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right. Than we had to draw a worm and bird to see there point of view. its like you want to draw a side where you can see which part your looking at and the other part where the other person can see it. 
For example what i meant exactly was when i was drawing and you wanted to see the parts you wanted to see so thats why i drew the worm in the ground , and second we drew the bird in the air. now the reason why i did that was because i wanted to see where the bird would see from above and the reason why i drew the worm on the ground was because i wanted to see where the worm can see from where it was at which was in the ground. So the point of that was as we drew the boxes we wanted to where the worm and bird see the boxes, from where they was. 

The part that was really hard for me to learn was understanding how to draw the lines. Where and how the line was suppose to meet up on the drawling. Also to understand the key value which was dealing with the orthagonal.
The easy things to learn was connecting the line as you found the vanishing point. 

The art that i thought was well completed was Tsion Habtamu's. Because as i looked at her drawling her horizons lines was connecting to every point that was right. And not only that the detail and design that was on her drawling was really nice because it matched the wall that she drew. 
2011-04-04 11.45.04
2011-04-04 11.45.04